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* Welcome to the Official Website of Royal Malaysia Police College Kuala Lumpur..!

* Please visit the official website of the Royal Malaysia Police (http://www.rmp.gov.my) for any enquiries concerning fresh recruitment of officers and men to Royal Malaysia Police Force.

* Please get the plan guide to IT Classrooms at 'Location Map' page or 'Facilities' page.

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The Kuala Lumpur Royal Malaysia Police College is the premier training institution of the Royal Malaysia Police. It is responsible to provide holistic knowledge, skill and attitude in policing to produce high quality police officer that is knowledgeable, competent and integrity. To achieve this mission, the College designs and delivers a series of competency-based training programs at basic, intermediate and advance levels to address and meet the needs and demands of modern policing as well as policing challenges of the globalised world.


To Become The Premier World Class Policing Learning Institution.


To continuously provide quality teaching and learning environment by ensuring competency and professionalism through transformation.

No. Event / Title Date
1.Handing Over of Duty by the Head of Research and Development Centre 01/08/2017
2.MPDRMKL Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Gathering 13/07/2017
3.Monthly Assembly for the Month of July 2017 11/07/2017
4.Handing Over of Duties by the Head of Crisis and Disaster Management Centre 01/06/2017
5.Launch of Innovative Strategy Plan System Transformation and Culture P & P 15/05/2017
6.The opening of a MPDRMKL Gallery 15/05/2017
7.The opening of a MPDRMKL Gymnasium 15/05/2017
8.“PPZ in the House” Special Program Organised by PPZ for the benefits of all staff under the Thoir scheme. 03/05/2017
9.A designated Program between the Director of Management and Local Graduates 2017 02/05/2017
10.“Lets Read 2017” 10 Minutes Reading Program 25/04/2017

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